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Hernia Inguinalis Surgery or Rupture Surgery

If the inguinal canal is strained this is called inguinal hernia. The hernia causes a hole in the abdominal wall which might widen and small particles of the intestines might be squeezed through.

Finally, if also nerves get squeezed in the patient is in pain. If the patient is standing for a longer period of time a little lump might show in the inguinal region. Through men’s inguinal canal run spermatic cord and blood vessels leading to the testicles. Women’s master tape which leads to the uterus is situated in the inguinal canal.

Inguinal hernias can only be cured by surgery. Physical therapy does not help. On the contrary, it can even cause further damage.

Three different techniques can be used to carry out inguinal hernia surgery:

  • Shouldice Technique (usage of large incisions without using synthetic material)
  • Lichtenstein Technique (usage of large incisions to implant a mesh)
  • TAPP Technique (usage of MIS or laparoscopy to implant a mesh)

Shouldice Technique

This method can be recommended to children, youths and grown-ups who do not like the thought of having implanted a synthetic mesh.
This surgery aims at reconstructing the original inguinal canal using material from the abdominal wall.

Lichtenstein Technique

A mesh made of polypropylen is used to reconstruct the original inguinal canal. This kind of surgery causes less pain and ensures a quick recovery.


This is doctor Deckstein’s special subject. He uses MIS (minimally invasive surgery) to position a mesh in a way that has multiple advantages for the patient:

  • logical closure of the hernial orifice
  • implantation of a synthetic mesh that stays inside the body for many years
  • patient feels no dragging or any other kind of pain
  • diagnosis for the entire abdomen is possible
  • if necessary, treatment of other affected organs can be taken care of
  • quick recovery after the operation

Only a few chosen surgeons like doctor Deckstein are able to make a correct diagnosis and provide the required experience to carry out such a complex and demanding operation.