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Haemorrhoids Surgery or Piles Surgery

Haemorrhoids are a widespread medical problem today but nobody wants to talk about it. It is essential to detect this disease at an early stage and to start preventive treatment. This way painful operations can be prevented.

Every doctor should be aware of the many possibilities in treatment and surgery. Doctor Deckstein offers all of them to you and would like to present the three most commonly used techniques to get rid of haemorrhoids:

HAL (Haemorrhoid Artery Ligature)

An ultrasound scanner spots the haemorrhoid arteries which are tied off so blood supply for the haemorrhoid is reduced. Subsequently haemorrhoids shrink and bleeding ends.


This method is used for haemorrhoids at stage II to IV. Mucosal rings are taken from the rectum to close around haemorrhoids and drag them back into the rectum. In contrast to other methods this is the least painful one.


This is the conventional way to remove haemorrhoids. The haemorrhoid artery is tied off, haemorrhoids are removed and prolapsed tissue is sutured back to its normal position. In some cases suturing will not be necessary.

Haemorrhoids can easily be prevented. Doctor Deckstein has summarized some useful tips for you:

  • A balance diet is essential.
  • Eat a lot of fibre as contained in vegetables, fruit and cereals.
  • Try to keep stools soft so they pass easily.
  • Spend less time attempting to defecate, decrease pressure and straining.
  • Do not take any laxatives.
  • Empty the bowles as soon as possible after the urge occurs.
  • Hygiene is vital. Prefer moist toilet paper to ordinary toilet paper.
  • Some exercise and sports improve your digestion.