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Colon Surgery

Irritable Colon:

An irritable colon causes pain in the abdomen, accompanied by diarrhea, constipation or a mix of the last two symptoms.
To diagnose an irritable colon several examinations have to be undergone by the patient:

  • coloscopy

  • gastroscopy

  • ultrasonography of the abdomen to rule out liver diseases, etc.

Blood tests:

  • full blood count, hepatic enzymes, electrolytes, nephritic levels, etc. to rule out other internistic diseases

  • small bowel biopsy to rule out a coeliac disease

  • H2 test to rule out lactose intolerance and fructose malabsorption

  • check on a possible sorbital intolerance

Diverticula, Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis:

Diverticula are eversions of the intestinal wall. They can mainly be found in the large bowel. If these diverticula get inflammed the disease is called diverticulitis.
Surgery is recommended if patients have already suffered from several inflammation attacks. MIS (minimally invasive surgery) can be applied here. Making large incisions is hardly ever necessary anymore.
Doctor Deckstein in an MIS expert and can guarantee all the benefits MIS offers.

Polyps, Adenoma, Large Bowel Blastoma:

Tubercular adenoma (large bowel polyps) are a widespread disease. They are mostly found as flat or pediculated adenoma in the sigma or rectum. In case they have a diametre of less than 1 cm, the likelihood for them to turn into cancer is less than
1 %. In case they have a diametre of more than 2 cm there is a 10 % chance they turn into cancer.
Polyps are removed during a coloscopy.
Doctor Deckstein will be pleased to inform you about possible examinations and operation techniques.