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Adiposity - Bariatric Surgery - Gastric Banding

Adiposity and obesity are chronic, lifelong diseases which can develop for various reasons, e.g. predisposition. Apart from being a health hazard, adiposity can have highly significant medical, psychological, physical, social and economic effects. Hardly ever adiposity is the result of an immoral lifestyle or addiction.

Going on a strict diet and changing your lifestyle can only guarantee a weightloss of up to 10 %.
The only real solution is adiposity surgery. The three techniques explained below have proved to be the most effective means of preventing serious, lifethreatening complications of adiposity.

The three possible types of surgery are:

  • gastric banding
  • sleeve resection
  • stomach bypass

All three of them aim at reducing ingestion and/or absorption of food in the stomach or bowels. The surgeries consist of opening the stomach, shifting parts of the intestinal loops and closing the wound by clipping. All three mentioned techniques are a serious interference in the gastro-enteric tract.

As a first step check the condition of your body by calculating your BMI.

Should you have suffered from obesity for many years, contact doctor Deckstein. He will give you advice and explain the exact procedure of the surgery to you.